Monday, January 28, 2013

"Souls For Sale" and "Gods and Cattle"

Upcoming anthology piece entitled "Souls For Sale" from the anthology "Gods and Cattle"

Eternity Sales Inc. Workplace to the Gods. An office where deities and devils alike ply their trade, sell their religion to the unaware cattle that is humankind. The hook? Promise of eternal bliss after death or fame and fortune for their remaining years. The price? Their soul. With faith for the Gods waning planet wide, Yarweh has hired a TV crew to document the daily dealings of the office hard at work. This not only gives Eternity Sales Inc. invaluable exposure in a faithless world, but also gives a unique opportunity to follow Yarweh, the escapades of his sons Lucifer and Jesus and the reactions of work colleagues including Buddha, Krishna, Ganesh, Durga, Lilith and the ancient Babylonian God Marduk.

1st concept work: 

Keep up on the progress of this anthology here:

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