Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Souls For Sale

Here's some of the inked pages from my upcoming anthology piece "Souls For Sale" written by Ian Reddin, from the anthology "God's and Cattle". There will be 30 stories in the anthology.

The project will be launched with kickstarter soon.

Check here for more.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Graphic Novel "I and You"

For the past year I have been working on illustrating a 200 page graphic novel for writer, Beverly Garside. The project is nearing it's completion and should be finished end of February or early March.

Story Synopsis:
It is the year 2098.  Sara Storm has just come of age in a republic founded upon the objectivist principles of Ayn Rand - selfishness, minimal government, and laissez faire capitalism, where the pronoun "we" has been replaced with the ideologically correct "I and you."  A true believer in the ideals of her nation, Sara launches her military career full of zeal and great dreams for her future. But the world outside the classroom fails to live up the one she has been taught to expect. Real people fail to behave like the heroes in Rand's books, or in the science fiction novels she loves.  She notices cracks deepening in the nation that bills itself as a beacon of light for all mankind.  Winds of change start to howl through the "skyscraper society" of her republic,  and  strange sounds start emanating from the Earth itself.  Suddenly her world, her career, and her own dreams no longer fit into the narrow confines of Rand's ideology.  Neither does love.

Here are some of the finished pages:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Doorman 1&2 (plus a freebie!)

Smoking Monkey Comics presents it preeminent hit series, The Doorman. Jim Barrett, a potentially delusional young man, is persuaded by a playfully devilish monkey, who can only be seen by Jim, into believing that he is “The Savior of The Universe” and into becoming a super hero. In the process Jim will face down the Creator of All That Is, a being of divine nature, God. Everyone around Jim thinks he's crazy, but what if the monkey is telling the truth? His potential insanity will lead him into adventures that are entertaining for us but disastrous for him.

Check them out here

                                      Issue 1                                Issue 2                                 Freebie!